What are Cold Caps?


Cold caps are gel filled caps kept at an optimum low temperature and worn tightly around the head before, during and after chemotherapy treat-ments. Keeping the scalp cool allows the hair follicles to enter a hibernated state. Thus resulting in less hair loss from the chemo.

   Cold Cap Therapy


Cold cap therapy can offer a solution to chemotherapy induced hair loss. By keeping most of their hair women are able to maintain their dignity and to "move on". Cold caps have a positive effect on a woman's well being during and after one of the hardest times in their life.

My Services

 My job is to coordinate your cold cap therapy during each chemotherapy treatment. I prepare the caps the day  before, as well as the morning of your treatment on dry ice. I spend the day with you at the hospital managing the caps, then continue the process afterwards at your home. My goal is to help make your infusion days as stress free as possible.

Cold Cap Therapy
for Hair Loss Reduction