Cold Cap Therapy
for Hair Loss Reduction

     Cold cap therapy, or scalp cooling, involves the use of special gel filled caps, which are frozen to a very cold temperature and worn before, during and after each chemotherapy treatment.

     Chemotherapy kills rapidly dividing cells, like hair follicles, but proper use of cold caps induces local vasoconstriction around the hair follicles, which slows the blood flow and the metabolic rate at which hair cells absorb nutrients or anything else to the follicle. The cold temperature that causes vasoconstriction (blood vessels constrict) inhibits the ability to feel pain.

     The cold scalp keeps certain chemotherapy drugs from fully circulating around the follicles resulting in minimal absorption of chemicals. Some thinning will still occur.


     This process has been in use in Europe for more than 20 years. Over a thousand individual patients in the U.S. have learned of and successfully used cold cap therapy in the last few years.

     The caps (4 caps) are stored in coolers in dry ice or in freezers provided by the hospital. A cap is placed and fitted tightly on the head and every 25 minutes the cap is exchanged for a new, colder cap. The caps are placed on the head 50 minutes before the chemotherapy treatment starts and continue to be exchanged until 4 hours after the treatment ends.


How Cold Caps Work