* $600.00 for each full day chemotherapy session. The cost includes the initial consultation, obtaining the dry ice the evening before the session, cap preparation before and after the hospital visit, coolers, all the necessary equipment and facilitating the caps during the chemotherapy at the hospital and for

4 hours after the hospital at the client's home.    

     * $50.00 per hour if I facilitate the cold cap process for only part of the day.

      * $150.00 for initial consultation if client decides to have family and/or friends administer caps for each treatment.

       * Prices may vary depending on travel distance and travel time

   Services Provided


     As a facilitator of the cold cap process I am with the patient before, during and after the chemotherapy treatments providing full, on-site support organizing, timing and changing the caps.

     I also work with the hospital/clinic staff to coordinate appropriate timing of cold cap applications. I provide all required materials including moleskin (to protect forehead and ears) infrared thermometer and extra batteries, timer, gloves, towels and coolers.

     *Warranty and Conditions: Results may vary and hair loss prevention is not guaranteed and is determined by different variables such as hair condition and hair care before, during and after treatments, nutrition and compatibility of prescribed drug regimens.

Cap Rental

There are a few different caps on the market. In my opinion Penguin Cold Caps have the best results. They rent caps for $495 per month. That includes gel caps, gel headbands,

and velcro elastic strips.

Cold Cap Therapy
for Hair Loss Reduction